From left to right

HomanPhotography / Liselore Stap, Bloemen Edenique Floral Design / Djessica
MemoriesbyMaarleen, Bloemen Lefleurieus / HomanPhotography / Lotte Bosschieter
Nynke Laagland / MemoriesbyMarleen, Bloemen lefleurieus
MemorieybyMarleen, Bloemen lefleurieus / ForLoveWeLive / Madame Poppy Bloemen AndersBloemstyling / Memories by Marleen, Bloemen lefleurieus
Anne Offenberg Bloemen Lefleurieus / Odynmei / Liselore Stap, Bloemen Edenique Floral Design
Homan Photography Bloemen Edenique Floral Design  / Antoinet Murier BloemenyoJocye / Odynmei / CarolaDoornbos 
HJ Fotografie / Lotte Bosschieter / HJ Fotografie / Madame Poppy Bloemen AndersBloemstyling 
Antoinet Murier BloemenzoJocye/ Liselore Stap Bloemen Edenique / Antoinet Murier / Antoinet Murier 
Anne Offenberg Bloemen Lefleurieus / Odynmei / own photography


mAGNOLIA: A flower of Purity, Nobility and A symbol of WOMANLY Beauty.

Credits from top to bottom

Row 1: (left) : Boheme AT Heart, Jennfer de Vos, eigen foto, Carola Doornbos, For Love We Live, Carola doornbos, Nadeche Photography 
Row 2 (middle) : For Love We live, Tales of Loose, Janneke Tol, Carola Doornbos, Wild Daisy, For Love We Live
Row 3 (right): PoemsbyLight, PoemsbyLight, For Love We Live, Janneke Tol, Boheme At Heart 


MARshMALLOW: Sweet and Sticky CONfectionary that brings people together 

From left to right

Nyke Laagland / Lotte Bosschieter / HomanPhotography Bloemen Edenique Floral Design
HJ Fotografie Bloemen CarpeDiem / Madame Poppy Bloemen AndersBloemstyling / Madame Poppy, Bloemen AndersBloemstyling
Nynke Laagland / Madame Poppy Bloemen AndersBloemstyling / Nynke Laagland 
Antoinet Murier, Bloemen Edenique Floral Deisgn / Ilka van Wieren / MemoriesbyMarleen, Bloemen Le fleurieus
Madame Poppy / Anne Offenberg Bloemen Lefleurieus / Djessica / Lotte Bosschieter 
Homan Photography / Lotte Bosschieter / HJ Fotografie 
Homan Photphraphy / Lotte Bosschieter / DJessica 
Anotinet Murier / Homan Photography 
Madame Poppy / MemoriesbyMarleen, Bloemen Lefleurieus / Antoinet Murier Bloemen BloemenzoJoyce 
Odyinmei / Homan Photography, Bloemen Edenique Floral Deisgn / Homan Photography