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First Row Left: HomanPhotography / Jiwastories Mrs Lake Weddings / Memories by Marleen / Memories by Marleen
MemoriesbyMaarleen, Bloemen Lefleurieus / MemoriesbyMarleen / Jiwastories Mrs. Lake Wedding / Oydnmei / Carola Doornbos
/ Jiwastories Mrs Lake Weddings / Antoinet Murier / Kim Captan / Stance Fotografie / Kim Captain

Second Row Middel : Joyce Afua Mrs Lake Weddings / Jiwastories Mrs Lake Weddings / 
MemoriesbyMarleen, Bloemen lefleurieus / Anouk van Ravenhorst Best Day Ever / Kim Captain / Jiwastories Mrs Lake Weddings
Liselore Stap Edenique Floral Design / Mandy Aileen Photography Blossomweddings / Jiwastories Mrs Lake Weddings / 
Antoinet Murier BloemenyoJocye / Jiwastories Mrs. Lake Weddings / Jiwastories / Joyce Afua Mrs. Lake Weddings/

Third Row Right:  Liselore Stap Bloemen Edenique / Homan Photography / Stance Fotografie / Renske Meinema Antoinet Murier / Antoinet Murier 
Anouk van Ravenhorst best day ever / Jiwastories Mrs Lake Weddings / Liselore Stap Edenique Floral Design / Jiwastories / 
Antoinet Murier / Antoinet Muriet / Antoinet Murier BloemenzoJoyce / Nynke Laagland / Jiwastories / For Love We Live / Jiwastories


mAGNOLIA: A flower of Purity, Nobility and A symbol of WOMANLY Beauty.

Credits from top to bottom

Row 1: (left) : Boheme AT Heart, Kiki van Dam, Jennifer de Vos, Joyce Afua Mrs Lake Weddings, Wedding Reporter, Nadeche Fotografie, Memories by Marleen, Jiwastroies Mrs Lake Weddings, Joyce Afua, Jiwastories, Stance Fotografie, Jiwastories, Jiwastories, Mandy Aileen Fotografie,

Row 2 (middle) : For Love We live, Joyce Afua Mrs. Lake Weddings, Mandy Aileen Mrs. Lake Weddings, Janneke Tol, Jiwastories, For Love We Live, Nynke Laagland, Stance Fotografie, Joyce Afua Mrs Lake Weddings, Mandy Aileen, Jiwastories, Renske Meinema, 

Row 3 (right): Renske Meinema, For Love We Live, Mandy Aileen, Nadeche Fotografie, Nynke Laagland, For Love We Live, Nynke Laagland, Stance Fotografie, Jiwastroies, JJoyce Afua, Jiwastories, Stance Fotografie, Lisanne Jager, Mandy Aileen 


MARshMALLOW: Sweet and Sticky CONfectionary that brings people together 

From left to right

Nyke Laagland / Lotte Bosschieter / HomanPhotography Bloemen Edenique Floral Design
HJ Fotografie Bloemen CarpeDiem / Madame Poppy Bloemen AndersBloemstyling / Madame Poppy, Bloemen AndersBloemstyling
Nynke Laagland / Madame Poppy Bloemen AndersBloemstyling / Nynke Laagland 
Antoinet Murier, Bloemen Edenique Floral Deisgn / Ilka van Wieren / MemoriesbyMarleen, Bloemen Le fleurieus
Madame Poppy / Anne Offenberg Bloemen Lefleurieus / Djessica / Lotte Bosschieter 
Homan Photography / Lotte Bosschieter / HJ Fotografie 
Homan Photphraphy / Lotte Bosschieter / DJessica 
Anotinet Murier / Homan Photography 
Madame Poppy / MemoriesbyMarleen, Bloemen Lefleurieus / Antoinet Murier Bloemen BloemenzoJoyce 
Odyinmei / Homan Photography, Bloemen Edenique Floral Deisgn / Homan Photography